“Micro-Restaurants: Catering to Consumers’ Changing Tastes”

There is no doubt that restaurant trends come and go, consumer tastes and desires evolve quickly in the food industry giving it one of the highest failure rates for start ups.  I can say from experience that I will try a restaurant and absolutely love it and then by month’s end find it boring and in need of a better experience.

The appeal of micro-restaurants is that if you have a great idea and want to try it you can alter your menu, style, design and culture quickly to evolve with consumer tastes and appeal.

The micro-restaurant trend seems to have taken off in cities large and small.  Consumers, developers and the restaurant industry have taken notice.   For example, in Dallas where there are hundreds of traditional restaurants serving steak, italian, mexican and other varieties of cuisine, there is a new developer that wanted to set itself apart from the endless indoor/outdoor mall experiences.  They talked with the community and found that there was a shortage of fresh and unique restaurant ideas and establishments.  The development was then arranged to add space for a handful of micro-restaurants with shared outside seating and limited indoor seating.  It became a space where up-and-coming chefs could share their unique culinary approach with the community.  The idea was a huge hit and now the developer is considering adding this concept to some of their established properties.

For me, the idea of more establishments that offer the feeling of home and comfort along with fresh, quality cuisine is refreshing.  And, thus far, the success of micro-restaurants shows this concept is not going anywhere anytime soon…giving the flexibility and creativity for these chefs to do what they love, to cook.

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  1. Pete Fischer
    March 24, 2017 at 3:40 pm #

    Love what we are reading and will be in tomorrow to enjoy a new and interesting place for R’port! Thanks.

    Pete & M.A. Fischer

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