About Us

Freshly Baked and Friendly Served

Dough-Liciously Made for You

Simple…Our commitment is to produce quality fresh baked pastries – breads, cookies, cakes and more for those stopping in to just grab a quick on-the-go snack or by adding a cup of homemade soup for a total meal experience.

Unique…Our goal is to continually bring a variety of creations to excite the palates of everyone while consistently offering goodies that folks love to frequently enjoy.

Experience…Our mission is to WOW YOU with our pastry & culinary skills…to IMPRESS YOU with our service delivery and leave you with a hankering to VISIT US AGAIN SOON!


Quick Facts

Since 2015 we have served over 4100 of our most popular Tres Amigos (dark, milk & white) chocolate morsel cookies. Each cookie houses approximately 38 morsels which are carefully folded in to our Dough-Liciously made golden batter. Like chewy chocolate chip? Or Crispy ? Well, with this delectable treat, you get both forming a mouthful of smooth chocolately indulgence.


Tres Amigos


38 Morsels


We Make it Happen Together

Dough-Liciously Made for You

We believe our success formula includes our Dough-Liciously team and YOU. Working together we will make Dough-Liciously YOUR neighborhood Bakery & Bistro. We appreciate and thank all who have been and continue to be involved in our growth. We encourage your support and feedback and would like to feature what you have to say about your dining and/or community experience with Dough-Liciously. Please submit your comments (and picture if desired) along with permission to post to: mygoodness@dough-liciously.com.

Only Best Ideas Come from Dough & Jo?

Dough-Liciously Made for You

Imagine the power to start with a base idea and add a pinch of this and a dash of that to construct the start of something fresh, satisfying and productive. At Dough-Liciously we open our doors (and patio) to an inspiring environment where your senses will be stimulated allowing for your own collection of thoughts to be put into your very own recipe for success. Don’t be stingy…share your ideas with the Dough-Liciously Facebook Community online.

“Dough Rises With a Power All Its Own” – Unknown