Dough-Liciously Made for You

Crusty. Chewy. Fresh. Slathered with creamy, rich butter or compounds, homemade jams or just good ol’ plain style, the breads, muffins, biscuits and rolls are rustic yet refined. Our recipes are sure to delight as we use quality ingredients in harmony with only the freshest herbs, fruits, nuts and spice. Accompanies chef’s soup of the day (see below ‘Til the Well Runs Dry).  Or, all on its own. Rotating Daily Selection.


Serving a delicious, unique variety of soups, stews and specialty casseroles.

‘Til the Well Runs Dry:  Chef’s Choice. Daily. Herbs. Spice. Protein. Veggies. Stock. Cream. Fresh. Your choice to accompany with the daily bread selection or just simply soup alone.


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Not Your Average Jo

Dough-Liciously Made for You

Fresh brewed blends of Jo made especially for Dough-Liciously patrons.  Each one is uniquely brewed and blended for the most flavorful cup of Jo to enjoy on the harbor.  From “The Pier” to “Coast-to-Coast to “Windswept Oaks” and specialty flavor blends celebrating the mystique of Rockport, Tx such as  “You’re Hovering” (Hummerbird nectar style), we aim to produce quality, memorable Jo.

Take a cup with you.  Go “Bottomless” on the patio. Snag a pound for home.

Oh Jo Special

Dough-Liciously Made for You

Try a steaming Jo Hottie highlighted with your favorite features such as extra smooth & robust French Press, Caramel Infused Macchiato.

Take a cup with you.  Hit a “Home Run” on the patio.  Or start at “First Base” and see where it takes you.

Jo Cool

Dough-Liciously Made for You

Oh Jo Cool…our specialty cold brew method is right out of the chemistry lab.  We utilize a reactive method that allows for just the right intense yet smooth Jo base allowing a luscious, creamy, frothy feel in your mouth with every last drop. Icy cold.

Take a cup with you.  “Chill Out” on the patio.  Or, offer your sweet friend a ride.


Organic and variety flavored teas brewed as ordered.

Tropical. Herbal. Oolong. Chai. Sencha. Mate. Green. Breakfast. Zen. For those seeking Serin-A-T. *T-Pot return required.

Take a cup with you.  T-pot on the patio.  Bag it for home reflection.